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Casarovea is a brand of  Parotex an Italian company that produces luxury textiles for hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, yachts, wellness centers and airlines since 1976.
Our products that are the expression of the Made in Italy’s ingenuity as well as excellence in design, craftsmanship and service.
Control of the textile supply chain allows Casarovea to be competitive and to customize our products to better accommodate a more and more demanding clientele.
With an eye on detail, unparalleled quality and the tireless search for a high level of uniqueness, we are able to deliver exclusive products that will coordinate with any style and enhance any decor.

The excellence of Casarovea products is rooted in the usage of only the best available long staple yarns. At Casarovea we have direct control on the entire textile supply chain.
We pride ourselves of a solid competence in product development and continuous technological innovation that is sure to satisfy even the most discriminating property.
Every phase of the production cycle is made in Italy and supervised by our highly experienced staff from the moment the raw material comes in to the shipping of the finished product.
The weaving room boasts state of the art machinery designed to weave fabrics up to 360 cm or 142” finished width.
The partnership with highly qualified bleaching and dyeing companies, guarantees a dynamic and successful service. And it allows the sampling of new colors as well as the ability to handle small production runs.
The whole production cycle is closely overseen by our trained technicians which helps us deliver to our customers the highest quality of linens and unparalleled flexibility.

CASAROVEA textiles are made with the best raw materials available carefully chosen and rigorously tested throughout the whole production process.
We are always looking for the best cottons and the finest linens.
The yarns dyes are exclusively Indanthrene selected for their resistance to industrial washing.
The weaving and bleaching utilizes products that conform to REACH regulations.
All textiles are rigorously checked during each step of the production. We carefully examine the fabric after weaving, after the dyeing and after manufacturing, to guarantee to the client a flawless product of excellent quality.
All pieces are hand finished and cut piece by piece and with straight thread for more stability.